Our Approach

We feel that everyone, no matter their age, should work at 100% of their body’s potential, every day!

Life-sustaining messages are generated in the brain. These messages are carried to all parts of the body through the nerves in the spine. Because the bones of your spine are moveable, they can, and often do, misalign. These spinal misalignments (called subluxations) interfere with the flow of life messages and diminish your ability to express your health and live life fully.

Additionally, these subluxations can occur for a multitude of reasons and, tragically, you rarely feel them. To maximize your life and health, you need regular chiropractic care. Yes, chiropractic can benefit everyone, but perhaps in ways that you may have never even considered.  While most subluxations don’t cause pain, they often keep your organs from functioning properly and your body from healing correctly. This results in less-than 100% life and health.

So, what’s the solution?  Well, the process of having your spine checked for misalignments requires three steps:

  1. You come in.
  2. You lie down.
  3. We check the alignment of your spine.

If spinal misalignments are found, we’ll provide gentle adjustments to allow these life messages to once again be carried more completely.  Pretty logical, isn’t it?  The bottom line is quite clear– chiropractic is a necessity for life and true health. Thankfully, Active Family Chiropractic makes it affordable for everyone.