About Dr. Alanna

Dr. Alanna Ogan came to Sioux Falls in February 2010, after practicing in St. Paul, MN for several years. Originally from Watertown, she wanted to get back to South Dakota and closer to her family while opening Active Family Chiropractic.

Dr. Alanna’s big goal is to impact as many lives as possible through chiropractic, by making the community better and helping people live to 100% of their potential. Imagine what it would be like to live in Sioux Falls if everyone here functioned at 100%!

When you stop by the office, you may also run into Atlas the Wonderdog.  He does his best to greet everyone that walks through the door (and yes, Atlas is subluxation-free, too!).

During Dr. Alanna’s time in Sioux Falls, God has blessed Active Family Chiropractic with wonderful families that want to live life subluxation-free. He also dropped Alanna’s husband, Brandon, into her life. The two met when Brandon bought the house across the street from her. Brandon then married “the girl next door!” They have now built a home together and are looking forward to many more years together using their skills to serve the people in the Sioux Falls area.