Regular Chiropractic Care

Our office runs things a little differently than most other chiropractic offices. We do things the way we do to provide you the opportunity to live life at 100% of your potential. Simply put, we want you to smile more, play longer, and enjoy life! We’ve removed all of the complications of those other offices, so you can get more of what you want….LIFE!

Chiropractic Care that Fits Your Budget

If everyone should get regular chiropractic care, everyone should be able to afford it.
Since no one else can decide what your health is worth to you, you get to decide.

No Need to Make an Appointment

After your initial visit, we have open adjusting hours for you to walk-in and get your spine checked. This makes it simple and convenient for the whole family to come!

Active Family Chiropractic in Sioux Falls

I had chronic lower back pain for over twenty years. I’d gone to several other chiropractors and back rehab centers and this helped some, but only for short durations. I though that my lower back pain was something that I had to just live with until I started going to Active Family Chiropractic.

I started going here in 2010 and I noticed a difference within one month. I now have almost no pain or inflammation at all, and if I do, it will last for a very short time.

Dr. Alanna Ogan uses a very effective technique for your body to be free of interference from vertebral subluxations. Not only has my lower back pain been helped by seeing her, but I also have less stress and more energy. My overall health has improved since becoming a member at Active Family Chiropractic.

I would encourage anyone who is suffering from any sort of pain or who wants to be proactive with their health to see Dr. Ogan and find out how this could benefit you and your family.

Vonda B.

regular member since 2010

We first sought chiropractic care for our two-year-old son. We decided we wanted to all receive care but were unable to afford it until we found Active Family. It was clear that the primary concern here was our health, which we loved.

We are so grateful to be able to receive excellent regular care for ourselves and our two young boys. Even with our boys, we hardly ever have to go to the doctor, which I largely credit to Active Family. To know my family is being cared for well for a price we can afford lifts a huge burden off my mind as a mom. I would highly recommend Active Family Chiropractic to everyone!

Rebekah D.

regular member since 2014